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The atmosphere at this place is amazing. All the coaches there know what they are talking about and are really helpful.

Dakarai C.

Been here for 5 years, place is awesome and the staff is phenomenal!

Caleb C.

Don't let the name fool you...The Athlete Factory isn't just for athletes. The training and attention given at the gym is second to none. The coaches are attentive and genuinely interested in helping you achieve your goals whether you're competing in a sport or competing in life...these folks are the best. Hunter and Christina take such pride in their gym and it shows in the thought they put into the customizing and varying the workouts as well as the trainers they hire to help you achieve your fitness goals. If you’re looking for a unique gym experience, do yourself a favor and check out The Athlete Factory.

Stacy H.

All three of my kids trained here from an early age. Hunter and the athlete factory helped them build a foundation of mental and physical excellence. My kids all had the opportunity to earn athletic and academic scholarships. Recently my leg was amputated from a rare cancer, I had to strengthen my core to learn how to walk again. Naturally I chose Hunter an The Athlete factory. My doctors said I am months ahead of schedule. If I could give seven stars I would. Have a great day.

Richie M.

The Athlete Factory isn’t just about training your kids...Although they have been an integral part of both my children’s dreams of being recruited at the collegiate level (and they were), they are here for us adults too! I’m a 52 year old female who felt her “muscle memory” could not possibly be an actual thing anymore. Reluctantly,  I tried the adult class in September, not only to get in shape,  but to try to help with the psychological toll this pandemic has taken on me, and I’ve been going ever since. I cannot say enough positive things about the choice I have made to start my “recovery” here. Christina and Hunter have the ability to train several of us at one time, at different athletic levels levels and definitely different age brackets, and to do it in such a way that you still feel it’s one-on-one. It’s the best decision I’ve made in a VERY long time and I encourage anyone to at least give it a try. There’s no judgement. ONLY results.

Michele M.

The level of training given by the staff while training makes me feel like I am getting one-on-one while in a small group, I highly suggest you give them a try!

Cassandra C.

Best place around to get the work in. Coach Wood and all the trainers are willing to work with you at every second.

Cole B.

Excellent staff! Brittany was incredible, and we always love the atmosphere!!

Stephanie S.

Excellence all the way through. The staff is very accommodating to every specific need and goal set. Highly recommend!

Brian R.

Great experience, and the staff was hella helpful. Def will spread the word.

Alexis M.

Lake Mary sports performance training

My speed, agility, strength, power and overall conditioning has increased. The Athlete Factory has produced the results I have been looking for. I recommend their program to anyone who is looking to take their game to the next level.

Damon Haecker (University of Auburn Baseball)

Lake Mary sports performance training

"The Athlete Factory prepared me for collegiate football at the University of Florida. Now I rely on them during the off season to prepare me for the NFL. I know I will be ready to go!!"

Jaye Howard (Now with the Chicago Bears)

Lake Mary sports performance training

I have been training with The Athlete Factory for over 8 years now, their expertise and knowledge of training has helped me stay in shape, alleviate pain and get stronger. Their preparation and progression of my program has kept working out fresh and fun while continuing to deliver results.

Kevin Gault (Adult Group Fitness)

Lake Mary sports performance training

“The Athlete Factory has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goal of playing D1 football. I started with The Athlete Factory in 8th grade and learned the importance of continuous core and strength conditioning IN and OUT of season. Coach Wood’s experience and training skills are extremely effective in developing athletes for the next level of competition. The Athlete Factory will help elite athletes understand what to expect at the next level and how to train for success.”

Joey Grant (UCF, Fiesta Bowl Champ)

Lake Mary sports performance training

"I make The Athlete Factory my home for my off-season training program. With Coach Wood's program and motivation I know I will be prepared to play at the highest level when the NFL season arrives."

Brandon Merriweather (NY Giants, 2x NFL Pro - Bowler)

Lake Mary sports performance training

"Working with The Athlete Factory keeps my body ready to handle the pressure of the pit stops during the NASCAR season. Working to keep me mobile and healthy is huge in my line of work."

Kevin Harris (Wake Forrest Football, Tire Man #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr.)

Lake Mary sports performance training

"I chose to train at The Athlete Factory because I knew that they worked with the best! Working in this program I know I will be ready to step on the field and play when I get to the University of West Virginia!"

K.J. Dillon (University of West Virginia, Houston Texans)

Lake Mary sports performance training

"After training with at The Athlete Factory in the off season, I know that I am the most physically and mentally prepared athlete on the field . I give The Athlete Factory lots of credit for my success at the High School level and look forward to preparing for the next level with him."

Tion Green (University of Cincinnati, Detroit Lions)

Lake Mary sports performance training

"They Athlete Factory training has developed me as an athlete as well as a person. They pushed me far enough to accomplish my life-long dream of playing Division I football. I couldn't imagine training with anyone else."

Scott Teal (University of Central Florida Football)

Lake Mary sports performance training

"The Athlete Factory is a big reason why I am the player I am today. As I get ready to take my career to the next level I know I will rely heavily on his training. The Athlete Factory is the real deal!"

Ty Darlington - (U.S. Army HS All American, University of Oklahoma Football)

Lake Mary sports performance training

"I have been training with The Athlete Factory since my Freshman year of High School. Their training program has helped me both physically and mentally to become the most dangerous player on the field that I can become. The workouts make you stronger and faster, but they also push you to a level mentally where a lot of people can't go. I know every time I step onto the field I am the most trained player out there."

Zack Darlington (University of Nebraska)

Sports Performance Training near Altamonte Springs

"The Athlete Factory's training program is top notch and it is specific sport. They has taken my four boys performance to the next level. [Their] training program is the most important part of their athletic development."

Brad Rigby (Father of 4 Athlete Factory Athletes)

Sports Performance Training near Altamonte Springs

"The Athlete Factory helped become the payer and athlete I am today by pushing physically and mentally in the weight room. The 4 years I spent in their training program increased my speed, strength and power helping become an elite athlete and leading to my success on the field."

Robert Thomas (Florida 8A Player of the Year, Ferris State Football)


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