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  • Four Lessons From The Weight Room

    Four Lessons From The Weight Room

    We believe the benefits of our program at The Athlete Factory reach much further than getting stronger and faster. We believe that lessons are learned in our facility that mold young men and women in a positive way. These lessons prepare them to be great athletes but most importantly successful human beings when they leave our facility. In this picture our athletes are learning to: 1. Trust - The athlete benching must Trust that his spotter will be there for him if he needs her. Side note Sarah has been at our facility for years and Ashton has been there for a few months. 2. Communicate - These athletes do not know each other. But on this day the did. They communicated with ....

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  • Value of Consistency

    Value of Consistency

    In an instant gratification society the gym is one of the places left where you can not cheat the work and everything is still earned. Whether you are an athlete preparing for sport or an adult who wants to feel and look better there are no shortcuts to reaching your training goals. The magic is in consistently showing up week after week, month after month and getting a little bit better each time you are in the gym. Outside the gym making consistent positive decisions on nutrition, sleep and recovery leads to the RESULTS that you are chasing. Goals and Tips for being consistent: 100 Sessions Per Year: Our goal for our members of The Athlete Factory is to make it to 100 ....

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  • Training Through Injury

    Training Through Injury

    Training Through Injury Our number 1 goal of our training program at The Athlete Factory is to reduce the risk of injury with our athletes. While we have been very successful in pursuing this goal over the years the fact remains that injuries happen in sport and competition. Understanding that training should not stop due to injury is a crucial point for long term training goals and success. Why training with injury is SMARTER than sitting at home: Continue to Strengthen Injured Limb - There is science to back that training only one side of the body transfers to increased strength in the opposite side of the body. With some studies show an increase of 7-11% in strength on ....

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  • The Athlete Factory Difference

    There are many choices when it comes to finding a gym to help improve your performance and health. Training at your high school, at a box gym, Crossfit, Orange Theory or training online are just a few of the many options that are now available. While there are positives to all of these options and something is always better than nothing, finding the right home for your performance needs is important to deliver the RESULTS you are looking for. We believe The Athlete Factory has proven to be the number 1 option for athletes and adults who are looking to take their performance to the next level! Below are 5 Reasons why we have set ourselves apart in the Sports Performance and ....

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  • Breaking through mental barriers

    Oftentimes it's not lack of resources or time that keep us from reaching our goals, it's what goes on inside our head that hinders our progress. Here are three common barriers and how to work through them... All Or Nothing - How many times have you thrown in the towel because you deviated from your plan/routine? One bad meal or one missed workout does NOT entirelyruin your progress, but youknow what does? Giving up. Look, nobody's perfect. You're going to slip up, but you've got to keep going for the greater good. Do the best you can and allow yourself some grace from time to time, but just keep showing up, Fear of Outcome - Fear of success and fear of failure can actually ....

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  • How we chose results driven exercises

    How we chose results driven exercises

    There has never been an easier time to get information. Each day our social media accounts are flooded with new videos, pictures and ideas. So.. how does a "new" drill or exercise make it into our programming at The Athlete Factory? 1. Will it directly benefit our athletes results in their performance? 2. Can we progress/regress the exercise to fit all training ages and skill levels in our facility? 3. Does it fit the "flow" of our current programming and exercise selection? 4. Can we teach/coach it effectively to large groups of athletes? 5. Is it a better option than the exercise we are removing from our program? Once a exercise passes this criteria we will add it to ....

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  • The Number 1 Benefit of Our Sports Performance Program

    The Number 1 Benefit of Our Sports Performance Program

    I want my kid to be faster.. I want my kid to be stronger.. I want my kid to jump higher.. I want my kid to be injury free.. Above are the top reasons why parents bring their kids to our sports performance programs at The Athlete Factory. These are obviously important to our athletes and their athletic success BUT may not be the main benefit from our program. I would argue that the Number 1 benefit that athletes gain from our program is CONFIDENCE. Many of our athletes come into our gym lacking the confidence to be successful. They walk in with their head down, shoulders rolled forward, unable to look adults or other kids in the eye and have a conversation. Once ....

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  • What to do on non-gym days?

    What to do on non-gym days?

    What to do on non gym days? Our adult conditioning classes are offered multiple days per week and it's been awesomeseeing our dedicatedmembers come put in the work here at the facility! Although2-3 sessions per week with us is outstanding, there is more you can be doing to maximize results. Aside from proper nutrition, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep, one of the best things you can do on your alternate days from the gym is to... just keep moving! An additional 2-3 days of activity in conjunctionwith your training with us will help to fast track your results by doing the following... Burn more calories Boost metabolism Aid in recovery from strength ....

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  • Patience is Required for Success!

    Patience is Required for Success!

    Coaching = PATIENCE Learning to be patient with our athletes and their development has been one of the biggest lessons I have learned over the years. As a young coach I expected our athletes to be perfect the first time they were exposed to a new drill or exercise. I would Often give about a million cues for them to wade through and wonder why they didn't pick the "one" I really wanted them to grasp. I did not give the athletes a chance to gain exposure, perform bad repetitions, learn through repetitive experience and correction. I was not patient enough to understand that performing a skill at a high level takes time. It takes mistakes. It takes fixing these mistakes one at a ....

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  • Are You Running Towards Difficulty?

    Are You Running Towards Difficulty?

    Are you running towards difficult things or away from them?? Reaching your goals is hard. It takes time, sacrifice and commitment. The special ones understand this and run towards the difficult decisions and actions that lead to success. The other ones run away! Then they tell themselves all the reasons why they came up short in their pursuit of what they "wanted" Nothing comes easy. Run full speed into challenges and take them head on day after day, month after month and year after year! ....

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