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  • How To Stay Consistent with Training During the School Year

    How To Stay Consistent with Training During the School Year

    Staying consistent in sports training during the school year can be challenging due to academic commitments, extracurricular activities, and other responsibilities. However, with proper planning and discipline, you can maintain a consistent training routine. Here are some tips to help you stay on track: Create a Schedule: Develop a weekly schedule that includes dedicated time slots for both schoolwork and sports training. Having a visual plan can help you allocate your time effectively. Prioritize and Time Management: Identify your top priorities, such as academics and training, and allocate time accordingly. Use time management techniques to maintain focus during study ....

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  • How often should my athlete train?

    How often should my athlete train?

    How often should my youth athlete train? The frequency of training for a youth athlete can vary depending on several factors, including the age of the athlete, their sport or activity, their goals, and their physical and mental readiness. Here are some general guidelines to consider when determining how often a youth athlete should train: Age and Developmental Stage: Younger children (under 12 years old) should focus on fundamental movement skills, general physical fitness, and having fun. They may benefit from 1-3 training sessions per week. Older children (12-18 years old) can generally handle more structured training and may train 2-3 times per week, depending on the ....

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  • Helping your student athlete stay on track during the holidays

    Helping your student athlete stay on track during the holidays

    Helping your student athlete stay motivated and on track with their strength and conditioning training during the holiday season can be a challenge, but with the right approach, it's definitely possible. Here are some tips to keep them motivated and consistent during this time: Set Clear Goals: Before the holiday season begins, sit down with your student athlete and set clear, achievable goals for their training during this period. Having specific objectives can help maintain focus and motivation. Create a Schedule: Develop a training schedule that takes into account the holiday activities and commitments. Determine when and where they will work out, and plan their sessions ....

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  • 3 Tools for Success That Don't Require Talen

    3 Tools for Success That Require NO TALENT Talent is a funny thing when it comes to success. Oftentimes I would argue that talent can be a hindrance when it comes to reaching your potential. It provides a comfort zone that allows for a lack of effort, focus and grit that is necessary in highly competitive environments. We all have seen the young kid who is just better than the rest or the high school athlete who is clearly above his peers from an athletic standpoint. These athletes were blessed with abilities that they often did not necessarily “earn” but were born with. Unfortunately these athletes oftentimes are not your hardest workers, lack great focus to ....

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  • Should my student athlete train in-season?

    Should my student athlete train in-season?

    Yes, the answer is yes. If time permits, i n-season training for youth athletes offers several benefits that contribute to their overall development, performance, and well-being. Here are some key advantages: Consistent Improvement: By incorporating in-season training as part of a comprehensive year-round program, youth athletes can experience consistent improvement in their physical, technical, and mental abilities. This long-term development approach is key for athletes aspiring to reach higher levels in their sport. Injury Prevention: Regular exercise and strength training can help prevent injuries by improving muscle imbalances, enhancing joint stability, and ....

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  • "I can't" or "I won't"

    "I can't" or "I won't"

    The difference between " I can't do it" and "I won't do it" may be the single biggest obstacle to reaching your potential. Often times in our facility we here the phrase "I can't do it" . This phrase is used for all kinds of reasons whether it is an actual exercise or not attending workouts. While this phrase drives me crazy I often believe that it should be replaced with "I won't do it!" This subtle difference in wording will often keep an athlete from reaching their full potential in the weight room, the field and in school. Reaching your potential is not easy. It requires sacrifice, difficult decisions, the ability to get uncomfortable and prioritizing ....

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  • 5 Benefits of Year Round Training

    5 Benefits of Year Round Training

    5 Benefits of Year Round Training The rise of year around athletics has led many athletes into year around play and early specialization. While this has its benefits from a skill development standpoint, athletic development often takes a backseat once the season begins. We believe that this can oftentimes hinder athletes development and lead to burn out, injuries and athletes never truly reaching their athletic potential. Below are 5 Benefits of a Year Around Training Program: Year Around Improvement - Training is similar to any other skill or learned trait. It takes time and consistency to develop. Training year round exposes the athlete to the weight room on a ....

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  • 100 Workouts Per Year

    100 Workouts Per Year

    The Value of Consistency In an instant gratification society the gym is one of the places left where you can not cheat the work and everything is still earned. Whether you are an athlete preparing for sport or an adult who wants to feel and look better there are no shortcuts to reaching your training goals. The magic is in consistently showing up week after week, month after month and getting a little bit better each time you are in the gym. Outside the gym making consistent positive decisions on nutrition, sleep and recovery leads to the RESULTS that you are chasing. Goals and Tips for being consistent: 100 Sessions Per Year: Our goal for our members of The Athlete ....

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  • Iron Sharpens Iron

    Iron Sharpens Iron

    A Coach led workout is good an athlete led workout is great! There are many benefits to working out with other motivated athletes. These benefits lead to increased training results and production on the field or court. These benefits include but are not limited to: 1. Increased communication skills 2. Increased motivation 3. Increased competition 4. Learning how to train and weight room safety 5. Fun and friendships . We strongly believe in training our athletes in a motivating and competitive group environment to build these characteristics. This training environment has been crucial to our athletes success and development as athletes and people. Looking to get ....

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  • One Percent Better

    The journey of reaching your potential is a slow and tedious process that takes place over many days and years of commitment. This journey never ends but changes as goals are met and new goals are set. With this in mind the focus of athletes should be on gaining the "slight edge" (great book btw) or improving by 1% each day. This approach takes the focus off of the end game and places it on the process of improvement. Athletes who appreciate and understand the process of improvement will make the daily deposits of improvement that will lead to their long term success in their sport. These athletes will look back on years of training in the weight room and realize how far they have ....

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  • How hard do you work when NO one is watching?

    How hard do you work when NO one is watching?

    Giving great effort is a requirement for success in the gym, on the field or in life. There are countless stories of the “work ethic” that many great athletes such as Michael Jordan, Tom Brady or Tiger Woods possessed that set them apart from their competition. These athletes were driven to outwork their competition every day. Traits such as waking up earlier, practicing longer or training harder are all part of what made these athletes who they were. Most importantly the great ones have the ability to keep this work ethic even when No one is watching them. Most of us NEED a coach. Someone who pushes us to be the best version of ourselves that we can possibly ....

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  • Discipline Over Motivation

    Discipline Over Motivation

    Discipline Over Motivation The New Year is here and so are the new year resolutions and new exciting opportunities to make 2022 the best year yet. January brings excitement and a new found motivation for all of us. We wake up earlier than we used too, we go to the gym more and our hair is on fire. But, what happens when we begin to get busy and life begins to get in the way. We can not rely on motivation we must instead we must be disciplined enough to achieve what we said we would. Discipline Over Motivation: Remember Your Why - When the going gets tough remembering why you started in the first place will light the fire to get going. There was a reason why you ....

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  • Maximizing Your Restuls

    Maximizing Your Restuls

    On average, our members attend two classes per week, which is good! We can get a lot accomplished as far as improving strength, increasing mobility and building lean muscle mass in those two 60 min sessions. But to maximize your results, you'll want to incorporate additional activity throughout the week. So here are a few tips on how you can do that. Increase Training Sessions - If you're currently only averaging 1-2 sessions per week, commit to amping it up with an additional session or two. We have classes 6 days a week, so take a look at our schedule and see where you can squeeze in another session. Move On Your Gym Off Days - Committing to moving will bring you quite ....

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  • 5 Steps To Designing Your Program at The Athlete Factory

    Having a properly designed and executed training program is KEY to delivering the results you expect at The Athlete Factory. Each athlete that comes into our gym goes through a 5 Step Process of program design with our coaches. This process guarantees that each athlete has a program specifically designed for their goals and their training level. 5 Steps to Program Design: 1. Set Goals: In order to know where to start with an athlete we must know where they want to go. Each athlete sets goals in their initial evaluation in our program. These goals often include making a team, earning a scholarship etc. We then take this goal and find out what physical tools will they need to ....

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  • Four Lessons From The Weight Room

    Four Lessons From The Weight Room

    We believe the benefits of our program at The Athlete Factory reach much further than getting stronger and faster. We believe that lessons are learned in our facility that mold young men and women in a positive way. These lessons prepare them to be great athletes but most importantly successful human beings when they leave our facility. In this picture our athletes are learning to: 1. Trust - The athlete benching must Trust that his spotter will be there for him if he needs her. Side note Sarah has been at our facility for years and Ashton has been there for a few months. 2. Communicate - These athletes do not know each other. But on this day the did. They communicated with ....

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  • Value of Consistency

    Value of Consistency

    In an instant gratification society the gym is one of the places left where you can not cheat the work and everything is still earned. Whether you are an athlete preparing for sport or an adult who wants to feel and look better there are no shortcuts to reaching your training goals. The magic is in consistently showing up week after week, month after month and getting a little bit better each time you are in the gym. Outside the gym making consistent positive decisions on nutrition, sleep and recovery leads to the RESULTS that you are chasing. Goals and Tips for being consistent: 100 Sessions Per Year: Our goal for our members of The Athlete Factory is to make it to 100 ....

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  • Training Through Injury

    Training Through Injury

    Training Through Injury Our number 1 goal of our training program at The Athlete Factory is to reduce the risk of injury with our athletes. While we have been very successful in pursuing this goal over the years the fact remains that injuries happen in sport and competition. Understanding that training should not stop due to injury is a crucial point for long term training goals and success. Why training with injury is SMARTER than sitting at home: Continue to Strengthen Injured Limb - There is science to back that training only one side of the body transfers to increased strength in the opposite side of the body. With some studies show an increase of 7-11% in strength on ....

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  • The Athlete Factory Difference

    There are many choices when it comes to finding a gym to help improve your performance and health. Training at your high school, at a box gym, Crossfit, Orange Theory or training online are just a few of the many options that are now available. While there are positives to all of these options and something is always better than nothing, finding the right home for your performance needs is important to deliver the RESULTS you are looking for. We believe The Athlete Factory has proven to be the number 1 option for athletes and adults who are looking to take their performance to the next level! Below are 5 Reasons why we have set ourselves apart in the Sports Performance and ....

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  • Breaking through mental barriers

    Oftentimes it's not lack of resources or time that keep us from reaching our goals, it's what goes on inside our head that hinders our progress. Here are three common barriers and how to work through them... All Or Nothing - How many times have you thrown in the towel because you deviated from your plan/routine? One bad meal or one missed workout does NOT entirelyruin your progress, but youknow what does? Giving up. Look, nobody's perfect. You're going to slip up, but you've got to keep going for the greater good. Do the best you can and allow yourself some grace from time to time, but just keep showing up, Fear of Outcome - Fear of success and fear of failure can actually ....

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  • How we chose results driven exercises

    How we chose results driven exercises

    There has never been an easier time to get information. Each day our social media accounts are flooded with new videos, pictures and ideas. So.. how does a "new" drill or exercise make it into our programming at The Athlete Factory? 1. Will it directly benefit our athletes results in their performance? 2. Can we progress/regress the exercise to fit all training ages and skill levels in our facility? 3. Does it fit the "flow" of our current programming and exercise selection? 4. Can we teach/coach it effectively to large groups of athletes? 5. Is it a better option than the exercise we are removing from our program? Once a exercise passes this criteria we will add it to ....

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  • The Number 1 Benefit of Our Sports Performance Program

    The Number 1 Benefit of Our Sports Performance Program

    I want my kid to be faster.. I want my kid to be stronger.. I want my kid to jump higher.. I want my kid to be injury free.. Above are the top reasons why parents bring their kids to our sports performance programs at The Athlete Factory. These are obviously important to our athletes and their athletic success BUT may not be the main benefit from our program. I would argue that the Number 1 benefit that athletes gain from our program is CONFIDENCE. Many of our athletes come into our gym lacking the confidence to be successful. They walk in with their head down, shoulders rolled forward, unable to look adults or other kids in the eye and have a conversation. Once ....

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  • What to do on non-gym days?

    What to do on non-gym days?

    What to do on non gym days? Our adult conditioning classes are offered multiple days per week and it's been awesomeseeing our dedicatedmembers come put in the work here at the facility! Although2-3 sessions per week with us is outstanding, there is more you can be doing to maximize results. Aside from proper nutrition, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep, one of the best things you can do on your alternate days from the gym is to... just keep moving! An additional 2-3 days of activity in conjunctionwith your training with us will help to fast track your results by doing the following... Burn more calories Boost metabolism Aid in recovery from strength ....

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  • Patience is Required for Success!

    Patience is Required for Success!

    Coaching = PATIENCE Learning to be patient with our athletes and their development has been one of the biggest lessons I have learned over the years. As a young coach I expected our athletes to be perfect the first time they were exposed to a new drill or exercise. I would Often give about a million cues for them to wade through and wonder why they didn't pick the "one" I really wanted them to grasp. I did not give the athletes a chance to gain exposure, perform bad repetitions, learn through repetitive experience and correction. I was not patient enough to understand that performing a skill at a high level takes time. It takes mistakes. It takes fixing these mistakes one at a ....

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  • Are You Running Towards Difficulty?

    Are You Running Towards Difficulty?

    Are you running towards difficult things or away from them?? Reaching your goals is hard. It takes time, sacrifice and commitment. The special ones understand this and run towards the difficult decisions and actions that lead to success. The other ones run away! Then they tell themselves all the reasons why they came up short in their pursuit of what they "wanted" Nothing comes easy. Run full speed into challenges and take them head on day after day, month after month and year after year! ....

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  • Spring Break Schedule

    After careful considerations and conversations with several of our valued members, we have decided to offer a modified schedule during Spring Break. Don't worry, the only significant change is a temporary break for our early birds (5/5:30am classes) and the addition of a mid morning Athlete Class (at 10am). This schedule will begin THIS Friday, March 16th, and run through next Saturday, March 24th. Also during this time, we are inviting our former members (athletes and adults) to pop in for a free class or two, as well as our current members are welcome to bring a friend along to come check us out. We look forward to seeing you all during break! ....

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  • 5 Life Lessons From the Weight Room

    5 Life Lessons From the Weight Room

    Working with young athletes is a passion that our coaches share and take great responsibility in at The Athlete Factory. We believe that the weight room is a place of growth and learning for our young athletes that go far beyond getting bigger, faster and stronger for the sport that they play. There is such a great opportunity to have a positive impact on a young athlete’s life, while they are in the gym working hard to get better at the sport they love. Through the years, we have seen many an athlete go on to do great things on, but more importantly off the field. We take great pride knowing we were part of the team people who helped coach and guide them there. Below are ....

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  • 5 Sure Fire Ways to Increase Speed

    5 Sure Fire Ways to Increase Speed

    Developing linear speed is a critical component to athletic success. Having athletes that can accelerate and run fast not only in the beginning of the competition but more importantly at the end competition is what separates a good player from a great one. With this concept in mind, developing a speed program that focuses on repeated accelerations will transfer to the field, or court, of play. A few concepts to consider:

    We train for acceleration not top end speed -
    The reality of sports is that our athletes will rarely have the opportunity to reach top speed. Most of the tests that we use to measure speed, like the 40 for football and 60 for baseball, are more of a test of ....

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  • Should Athletes Train Year Round?

    Should Athletes Train Year Round?

    Each year kids spend their off-seasons preparing to make an impact during their High School season kicks off. Unfortunately once the season begins, many of these same kids stop training and just focus on their practices and games. With this approach, strength levels decline rapidly, injury rates rise, while performance late in the season declines.
    We recommend athletes continue their training programs at a minimum of twice per week during their season. This will give them the opportunity to continue to increase strength and power levels, while keeping them healthy and producing big numbers on the field. Our In Season programs consist of the following:

    Strength Training:
    Our in ....

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  • 5 Crucial Exercises For Building a Strong Core

    5 Exercises Crucial to Building a Strong Core

    Core training has been a staple in strength and conditioning programs for as long as I can remember. I can recall doing hundreds of sit ups, crunches and other exercises during my time in high school. Gone are those days as well as those exercises. We have since learned that those exercises do not build the core for function, back health and performance on the field. The core musculature is made to resist the movements mentioned above while providing a stable foundation for which movement to occur from our legs and hips. The core is also responsible for allowing force to be transmitted from the ground and through the ....

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  • Home for the Holidays Training

    We love this time of year when our college kids are home with their families and like to come in to The Factory for a workout! Whether you have gone on to play at the collegiate level or are now just a student who likes to workout, our former Athlete Factory athletes are always welcome back. Because we know you're time home is limited, we are offering special prorated pricing exclusively to our college students wanting to come in during the holidays. For just $49 per week, students are welcome to come in for unlimited group training in our scheduled classes. This special pricing is available only to former members and their guests, who are currently enrolled in college. For ....

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  • The One Thing Athletes Can Do To Improve Daily Performance

    The One Thing Athletes Can Do To Improve Daily Performance

    Student athletes have a ton of responsibilities. School, practice, workouts, homework, part time jobs, social lives, etc. With all of this going on, it is easy for the one thing that will make a huge difference in all of these activities to get neglected. This one thing is to EAT!!! We have found that the number one hindrance to many an athlete's performance is the lack of nutrition they take in on a daily basis. Many of our athletes will admit to not eating breakfast daily, having no morning snack and eating a small lunch by the time afternoon practice and/or workouts roll around. Then coaches expect them to have a good workout followed by a long practice. This is a lot to ask out ....

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  • October Athlete Spotlight

    October Athlete Spotlight

    This month's athlete spotlight is on Lake Brantley baseball player, Ryan Fischer.
    We asked Ryan to share a few things about himself... What year will you graduate? 2019
    How has The Athlete Factory helped prepare you for your sport? It has made me stronger and faster
    What is your favorite food? Sushi
    Favorite sports team? Brewers
    Favorite artist? Young Dolph
    Who is your sports idol? Brett Favre
    What is your dream job? CEO of large company
    Thank you to Ryan for all his hard work and dedication. Big things to come for this guy! ....

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  • 2017 Summer Program

    2017 Summer Program

    2017 Summer Training Program The Athlete Factory has been the leader in performance training for Central Florida's top athletes over the past 11+ years. With a scientifically based program designed to enhance all components of athleticism, in a motivating environment, our athletes step onto the field or court ready to perform at their highest level! Our summer program is a 10 week progressive training program designed to maximize the athlete’s strength, power, speed and agility gains over the summer months. Prior to starting, athletes receive a functional and structural assessment to determining the best programming to suit their goals and needs. VARSITY STRENGTH AND POWER ....

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  • Sports Performance Training and Group Fitness in Altamonte Springs!

    Check out our new website for The Athlete Factory!
    We proudly serve the Altamonte Springs, Apopka, and Longwood areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Sports Performance Training, Group Fitness, Team Conditioning and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click here to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Twitter Instagram ....

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