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  • How we chose results driven exercises

    How we chose results driven exercises

    There has never been an easier time to get information. Each day our social media accounts are flooded with new videos, pictures and ideas. So.. how does a "new" drill or exercise make it into our programming at The Athlete Factory? 1. Will it directly benefit our athletes results in their performance? 2. Can we progress/regress the exercise to fit all training ages and skill levels in our facility? 3. Does it fit the "flow" of our current programming and exercise selection? 4. Can we teach/coach it effectively to large groups of athletes? 5. Is it a better option than the exercise we are removing from our program? Once a exercise passes this criteria we will add it to ....

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  • The Number 1 Benefit of Our Sports Performance Program

    The Number 1 Benefit of Our Sports Performance Program

    I want my kid to be faster.. I want my kid to be stronger.. I want my kid to jump higher.. I want my kid to be injury free.. Above are the top reasons why parents bring their kids to our sports performance programs at The Athlete Factory. These are obviously important to our athletes and their athletic success BUT may not be the main benefit from our program. I would argue that the Number 1 benefit that athletes gain from our program is CONFIDENCE. Many of our athletes come into our gym lacking the confidence to be successful. They walk in with their head down, shoulders rolled forward, unable to look adults or other kids in the eye and have a conversation. Once ....

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  • What to do on non-gym days?

    What to do on non-gym days?

    What to do on non gym days? Our adult conditioning classes are offered multiple days per week and it's been awesomeseeing our dedicatedmembers come put in the work here at the facility! Although2-3 sessions per week with us is outstanding, there is more you can be doing to maximize results. Aside from proper nutrition, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep, one of the best things you can do on your alternate days from the gym is to... just keep moving! An additional 2-3 days of activity in conjunctionwith your training with us will help to fast track your results by doing the following... Burn more calories Boost metabolism Aid in recovery from strength ....

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  • Patience is Required for Success!

    Patience is Required for Success!

    Coaching = PATIENCE Learning to be patient with our athletes and their development has been one of the biggest lessons I have learned over the years. As a young coach I expected our athletes to be perfect the first time they were exposed to a new drill or exercise. I would Often give about a million cues for them to wade through and wonder why they didn't pick the "one" I really wanted them to grasp. I did not give the athletes a chance to gain exposure, perform bad repetitions, learn through repetitive experience and correction. I was not patient enough to understand that performing a skill at a high level takes time. It takes mistakes. It takes fixing these mistakes one at a ....

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  • Are You Running Towards Difficulty?

    Are You Running Towards Difficulty?

    Are you running towards difficult things or away from them?? Reaching your goals is hard. It takes time, sacrifice and commitment. The special ones understand this and run towards the difficult decisions and actions that lead to success. The other ones run away! Then they tell themselves all the reasons why they came up short in their pursuit of what they "wanted" Nothing comes easy. Run full speed into challenges and take them head on day after day, month after month and year after year! ....

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  • Spring Break Schedule

    After careful considerations and conversations with several of our valued members, we have decided to offer a modified schedule during Spring Break. Don't worry, the only significant change is a temporary break for our early birds (5/5:30am classes) and the addition of a mid morning Athlete Class (at 10am). This schedule will begin THIS Friday, March 16th, and run through next Saturday, March 24th. Also during this time, we are inviting our former members (athletes and adults) to pop in for a free class or two, as well as our current members are welcome to bring a friend along to come check us out. We look forward to seeing you all during break! ....

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  • 5 Life Lessons From the Weight Room

    5 Life Lessons From the Weight Room

    Working with young athletes is a passion that our coaches share and take great responsibility in at The Athlete Factory. We believe that the weight room is a place of growth and learning for our young athletes that go far beyond getting bigger, faster and stronger for the sport that they play. There is such a great opportunity to have a positive impact on a young athlete’s life, while they are in the gym working hard to get better at the sport they love. Through the years, we have seen many an athlete go on to do great things on, but more importantly off the field. We take great pride knowing we were part of the team people who helped coach and guide them there. Below are ....

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  • 5 Sure Fire Ways to Increase Speed

    5 Sure Fire Ways to Increase Speed

    Developing linear speed is a critical component to athletic success. Having athletes that can accelerate and run fast not only in the beginning of the competition but more importantly at the end competition is what separates a good player from a great one. With this concept in mind, developing a speed program that focuses on repeated accelerations will transfer to the field, or court, of play. A few concepts to consider:

    We train for acceleration not top end speed -
    The reality of sports is that our athletes will rarely have the opportunity to reach top speed. Most of the tests that we use to measure speed, like the 40 for football and 60 for baseball, are more of a test of ....

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  • Should Athletes Train Year Round?

    Should Athletes Train Year Round?

    Each year kids spend their off-seasons preparing to make an impact during their High School season kicks off. Unfortunately once the season begins, many of these same kids stop training and just focus on their practices and games. With this approach, strength levels decline rapidly, injury rates rise, while performance late in the season declines.
    We recommend athletes continue their training programs at a minimum of twice per week during their season. This will give them the opportunity to continue to increase strength and power levels, while keeping them healthy and producing big numbers on the field. Our In Season programs consist of the following:

    Strength Training:
    Our in ....

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  • 5 Crucial Exercises For Building a Strong Core

    5 Exercises Crucial to Building a Strong Core

    Core training has been a staple in strength and conditioning programs for as long as I can remember. I can recall doing hundreds of sit ups, crunches and other exercises during my time in high school. Gone are those days as well as those exercises. We have since learned that those exercises do not build the core for function, back health and performance on the field. The core musculature is made to resist the movements mentioned above while providing a stable foundation for which movement to occur from our legs and hips. The core is also responsible for allowing force to be transmitted from the ground and through the ....

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