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The Number 1 Benefit of Our Sports Performance Program

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The Number 1 Benefit of Our Sports Performance Program

I want my kid to be faster.. 
I want my kid to be stronger.. 
I want my kid to jump higher.. 
I want my kid to be injury free.. 
Above are the top reasons why parents bring their kids to our sports performance programs at The Athlete Factory. These are obviously important to our athletes and their athletic success BUT may not be the main benefit from our program. 
I would argue that the Number 1 benefit that athletes gain from our program is CONFIDENCE. 
Many of our athletes come into our gym lacking the confidence to be successful. They walk in with their head down, shoulders rolled forward, unable to look adults or other kids in the eye and have a conversation. Once they get into the gym with other athletes they fade away and are obviously nervous to be around other kids in a setting that is intimidating and new. 
This lack of confidence spreads through everything they do in and out of the gym, never allowing them to reach their potential. Unable to take on task that are uncomfortable, these kids are not prepared to reach the high levels of athletic success or ready to take on a world that is full of big scary challenges ahead. 
One of my favorite quotes is “Confidence comes from being prepared” 
These athletes are not prepared. They have not been challenged and had learn to fight and grow through adversity. They are not used to being coached, having constructive criticism and high standards placed on them. They are used to taking the path of least resistance, leading to a lack of confidence in their ability to do HARD things. 
Once these athletes begin in our training programs we begin to build their athletic ability and their ability to work. Our coaches hold them accountable to a new standard, a championship work ethic and a requirement to interact with their peers and coaches. 
Over time they realize that they CAN lift heavy weights, they CAN run fast, they CAN jump high and there's nothing that we put in front of them that they can not conquer! 
The athletes know that they have put in the work that it takes to be successful. They are prepared, leading to confidence in everything that they do. They know that they can accomplish any task that is put in front of them because they have EARNED it! 
The once timid, head down, shoulders rolled forward leaves our facility with their head held high ready to take on the world and any challenge that it may pose. 
They are confident!


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