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Breaking through mental barriers

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Oftentimes it's not lack of resources or time that keep us from reaching our goals, it's what goes on inside our head that hinders our progress.
Here are three common barriers and how to work through them...
All Or Nothing - How many times have you thrown in the towel because you deviated from your plan/routine? One bad meal or one missed workout does NOT entirely ruin your progress, but you know what does? Giving up. Look, nobody's perfect. You're going to slip up, but you've got to keep going for the greater good. Do the best you can and allow yourself some grace from time to time, but just keep showing up,
Fear of Outcome - Fear of success and fear of failure can actually look pretty similar. Oftentimes we think we're afraid we will fail so we quasi try or don't try at all, but in actuality, it's the fear of the unknown that scares us the most. Will I be able to maintain? What's next? Will I be expected to do more? Can I live up to that expectation? Recognizing it may be THAT fear that is overwhelming and better identifying what success would look like in all facets (not just the scale or PR), will help you move forward and stick with it.
Lack of Accountability & Support - No great things can be done alone. It's human nature to want not just company but also praise and having someone in your corner can make a world of difference in pursuit of your goals. Whether that's just having a very supportive spouse or friend, joining a group or hiring a coach, having someone who shares your vision and believes in you will set you up for success. But if you don't believe in yourself and are willing to hold yourself accountable, you can't expect anyone to do that for you. It all starts with YOU.
Need help breaking through these barriers and reaching your goals? Let us help! Come check out a FREE class in our adult conditioning program, you won't be disappointed!


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