The Athlete Factory Difference

There are many choices when it comes to finding a gym to help improve your performance and health. Training at your high school, at a box gym, Crossfit, Orange Theory  or training online are just a few of the many options that are now available. 
While there are positives to all of these options and something is always better than nothing, finding the right home for your performance needs is important to deliver the RESULTS you are looking for. 
We believe The Athlete Factory has proven to be the number 1 option for athletes and adults who are looking to take their performance to the next level! Below are 5 Reasons why we have set ourselves apart in the Sports Performance and training industry over the last 15 years. 
The Athlete Factory Difference: 
1.Initial Evaluation - Our two part evaluation at The Athlete Factory includes a structural assessment and performance evaluation. The structural assessment is designed to identify any movement dysfunctions that may hinder training results or lead to overuse injuries down the road. While the performance evaluation provides a baseline of athletic performance including tests such as vertical jump, 10 yard sprint etc. 
2.Individualized Training Programs - Based on our initial evaluation each member's program is specifically designed for them. Each member's program takes into account their structural assessment, performance evaluation and training goals. This ensures that each member is moving towards their goals each time they come to train at The Athlete Factory. 
3.College Educated / Nationally Certified Coaches - All of our Performance Coaches have a college degree in a health and fitness field from a 4 year University. Also, all coaches are certified through one of the main national training certifications including National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). 
4.Experience - Over the last 15 years The Athlete Factory has had the opportunity to train and prepare 1000’s of athletes and adult members. This experience has allowed us to learn what works and what does not in developing performance and health. 
5.Results - Our results have been unmatched over the last 15 years. Over this time we have helped train and prepare hundreds of college scholarship recipients, professional athletes, State Championship teams and there are many more success stories in the making. 
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