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5 Benefits of Year Round Training

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5 Benefits of Year Round Training

5 Benefits of Year Round Training
The rise of year around athletics has led many athletes into year around play and early specialization.
While this has its benefits from a skill development standpoint, athletic development often takes a backseat once the season begins. 
We believe that this can oftentimes hinder athletes development and lead to burn out, injuries and athletes never truly reaching their athletic potential.
Below are 5 Benefits of a Year Around Training Program: 
Year Around Improvement - Training is similar to any other skill or learned trait. It takes time and consistency to develop. Training year round exposes the athlete to the weight room on a consistent basis that allows them to learn, refine and develop both in the weight room but also movement qualities that are specific to becoming a better athlete.
Injury Reduction - The saying goes that “weak things break.” A decrease in an athlete's strength, mobility and power will lead to them being more susceptible to injury on the court or field of play. We caution athletes on taking the season off due to this reason. Oftentimes our athletes who do not train are at their “ weakest” when it matters most leading to a decrease in performance and overuse injuries that can hinder them through the season.
Balanced Athletic Profile - When an athlete trains year around it allows them to go through full training cycles during the year. We are able to have an off season program and an in season program. With these two distinct phases we are able to design programs that take into effect the different stresses from the seasons and provide our athletes with a balanced program depending on the time of year they are in.
The Cumulative Effect  - With year round training we are able to double the amount of training sessions our athletes have compared to those who take their competitive season. With these extra training sessions the athlete is able to consistently stack small improvements on top of each other. These small improvements add up to big improvements over the course of the year.
Reduce The Chance of Burnout - Many young athletes run the risk of burning out from year around play and skill development. Taking time from their schedule to get into the gym and train away from their sport to “detach” and focus on personal improvements. The weight room becomes a home away from home that provides them with confidence that will carry onto the court or field of play.


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