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Should my student athlete train in-season?

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Should my student athlete train in-season?

Yes, the answer is yes.


If time permits, in-season training for youth athletes offers several benefits that contribute to their overall development, performance, and well-being. Here are some key advantages:


Consistent Improvement: By incorporating in-season training as part of a comprehensive year-round program, youth athletes can experience consistent improvement in their physical, technical, and mental abilities. This long-term development approach is key for athletes aspiring to reach higher levels in their sport.


Injury Prevention: Regular exercise and strength training can help prevent injuries by improving muscle imbalances, enhancing joint stability, and promoting overall body awareness. This is crucial for youth athletes who may be more susceptible to certain injuries.


Mental Conditioning: Training during the season helps with mental conditioning, including focus, confidence, and stress management. These psychological aspects are crucial for optimal athletic performance.


Active Recovery: In-season training can incorporate active recovery sessions, which aid in reducing muscle soreness, preventing overtraining, and promoting faster recovery between competitions. This can enhance an athlete's ability to perform at their best consistently.


Skill Transferability: In-season training can focus on developing skills and qualities that are transferable across different sports or physical activities. This can be beneficial for athletes who participate in multiple sports or those transitioning between seasons.


At The Athlete Factory, we take into account the demands of our student athletes. The intensity and focus of in-season training is carefully managed to avoid burnout or excessive fatigue. Balancing the demands of competition with appropriate training can help youth athletes maximize their performance while promoting long-term health and development.


It is dependent upon an athletes availability but we've seen these benefits from a little as one training session per week, so it's definitely worth taking advantage of!


Visit us at www.cwscperformance.com to learn more and to register for a FREE trial class to come see what we're all about.


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