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3 Tools for Success That Don't Require Talent

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3 Tools for Success That Require NO TALENT 


Talent is a funny thing when it comes to success. Oftentimes I would argue that talent can be a hindrance when it comes to reaching your potential. It provides a comfort zone that allows for a lack of effort, focus and grit that is necessary in highly competitive environments. 


We all have seen the young kid who is just better than the rest or the high school athlete who is clearly above his peers from an athletic standpoint. These athletes were blessed with abilities that they often did not necessarily “earn” but were born with. 


Unfortunately these athletes oftentimes are not your hardest workers, lack great focus to details and have not developed grit through earning success. Eventually talent is not enough and these athletes lose their position to someone who embodies the principles of hard work, focus and grit. 


The great ones do not rely solely on their talent for success. They understand that they have to maximize the abilities they have been given and that talent is not enough for them to reach their potential. It is our job as a coach to bring this out of our athletes and hold our most talented athletes to the highest standard. 


Maximizing Your Talent: 


Be the Hardest Worker - it can be easy to fall back on your talent and not rely on your work ethic for success. Don’t fall into that trap. Develop a work ethic that is unmatched in the weight room, in practice, the classroom and in everything that you do. The truth is one day you will meet someone who is just as talented as you and your work ethic will be the determining factor.


Have Great Focus - The ability to stay focused on the process of improvement can be tough for talented kids. They feel as if they “don't have to” because they are excelling already. This mindset keeps them from daily improvement, leading their peers and from learning the benefits of focused daily work. Create big goals that will push you outside your comfort zone and force you to stay focused on the process. 


Develop Grit - We have all seen the great athlete who goes through adversity for the firs time and it completely shuts them down. Talented athletes must go through tough times, they have to learn how to deal with struggle. These struggles will develop grit that will allow them to rely on heart and determination not their talent when it gets tough. 


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