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  • "I can't" or "I won't"

    "I can't" or "I won't"

    The difference between " I can't do it" and "I won't do it" may be the single biggest obstacle to reaching your potential. Often times in our facility we here the phrase "I can't do it" . This phrase is used for all kinds of reasons whether it is an actual exercise or not attending workouts. While this phrase drives me crazy I often believe that it should be replaced with "I won't do it!" This subtle difference in wording will often keep an athlete from reaching their full potential in the weight room, the field and in school. Reaching your potential is not easy. It requires sacrifice, difficult decisions, the ability to get uncomfortable and prioritizing ....

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  • 5 Benefits of Year Round Training

    5 Benefits of Year Round Training

    5 Benefits of Year Round Training The rise of year around athletics has led many athletes into year around play and early specialization. While this has its benefits from a skill development standpoint, athletic development often takes a backseat once the season begins. We believe that this can oftentimes hinder athletes development and lead to burn out, injuries and athletes never truly reaching their athletic potential. Below are 5 Benefits of a Year Around Training Program: Year Around Improvement - Training is similar to any other skill or learned trait. It takes time and consistency to develop. Training year round exposes the athlete to the weight room on a ....

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  • 100 Workouts Per Year

    100 Workouts Per Year

    The Value of Consistency In an instant gratification society the gym is one of the places left where you can not cheat the work and everything is still earned. Whether you are an athlete preparing for sport or an adult who wants to feel and look better there are no shortcuts to reaching your training goals. The magic is in consistently showing up week after week, month after month and getting a little bit better each time you are in the gym. Outside the gym making consistent positive decisions on nutrition, sleep and recovery leads to the RESULTS that you are chasing. Goals and Tips for being consistent: 100 Sessions Per Year: Our goal for our members of The Athlete ....

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  • Iron Sharpens Iron

    Iron Sharpens Iron

    A Coach led workout is good an athlete led workout is great! There are many benefits to working out with other motivated athletes. These benefits lead to increased training results and production on the field or court. These benefits include but are not limited to: 1. Increased communication skills 2. Increased motivation 3. Increased competition 4. Learning how to train and weight room safety 5. Fun and friendships . We strongly believe in training our athletes in a motivating and competitive group environment to build these characteristics. This training environment has been crucial to our athletes success and development as athletes and people. Looking to get ....

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  • One Percent Better

    The journey of reaching your potential is a slow and tedious process that takes place over many days and years of commitment. This journey never ends but changes as goals are met and new goals are set. With this in mind the focus of athletes should be on gaining the "slight edge" (great book btw) or improving by 1% each day. This approach takes the focus off of the end game and places it on the process of improvement. Athletes who appreciate and understand the process of improvement will make the daily deposits of improvement that will lead to their long term success in their sport. These athletes will look back on years of training in the weight room and realize how far they have ....

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  • How hard do you work when NO one is watching?

    How hard do you work when NO one is watching?

    Giving great effort is a requirement for success in the gym, on the field or in life. There are countless stories of the “work ethic” that many great athletes such as Michael Jordan, Tom Brady or Tiger Woods possessed that set them apart from their competition. These athletes were driven to outwork their competition every day. Traits such as waking up earlier, practicing longer or training harder are all part of what made these athletes who they were. Most importantly the great ones have the ability to keep this work ethic even when No one is watching them. Most of us NEED a coach. Someone who pushes us to be the best version of ourselves that we can possibly ....

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  • Discipline Over Motivation

    Discipline Over Motivation

    Discipline Over Motivation The New Year is here and so are the new year resolutions and new exciting opportunities to make 2022 the best year yet. January brings excitement and a new found motivation for all of us. We wake up earlier than we used too, we go to the gym more and our hair is on fire. But, what happens when we begin to get busy and life begins to get in the way. We can not rely on motivation we must instead we must be disciplined enough to achieve what we said we would. Discipline Over Motivation: Remember Your Why - When the going gets tough remembering why you started in the first place will light the fire to get going. There was a reason why you ....

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  • Maximizing Your Restuls

    Maximizing Your Restuls

    On average, our members attend two classes per week, which is good! We can get a lot accomplished as far as improving strength, increasing mobility and building lean muscle mass in those two 60 min sessions. But to maximize your results, you'll want to incorporate additional activity throughout the week. So here are a few tips on how you can do that. Increase Training Sessions - If you're currently only averaging 1-2 sessions per week, commit to amping it up with an additional session or two. We have classes 6 days a week, so take a look at our schedule and see where you can squeeze in another session. Move On Your Gym Off Days - Committing to moving will bring you quite ....

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  • 5 Steps To Designing Your Program at The Athlete Factory

    Having a properly designed and executed training program is KEY to delivering the results you expect at The Athlete Factory. Each athlete that comes into our gym goes through a 5 Step Process of program design with our coaches. This process guarantees that each athlete has a program specifically designed for their goals and their training level. 5 Steps to Program Design: 1. Set Goals: In order to know where to start with an athlete we must know where they want to go. Each athlete sets goals in their initial evaluation in our program. These goals often include making a team, earning a scholarship etc. We then take this goal and find out what physical tools will they need to ....

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  • Four Lessons From The Weight Room

    Four Lessons From The Weight Room

    We believe the benefits of our program at The Athlete Factory reach much further than getting stronger and faster. We believe that lessons are learned in our facility that mold young men and women in a positive way. These lessons prepare them to be great athletes but most importantly successful human beings when they leave our facility. In this picture our athletes are learning to: 1. Trust - The athlete benching must Trust that his spotter will be there for him if he needs her. Side note Sarah has been at our facility for years and Ashton has been there for a few months. 2. Communicate - These athletes do not know each other. But on this day the did. They communicated with ....

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